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As a client of fixnownow, you are the key in allowing us to provide a high class, simple and efficient service to find servicemen in your area who have been checked with Fixnownow to ensure you can get an affordable and significantly better quality service than the unreliable local servicemen. Simply, sign up and log into a Fixnownow account and you’ll almost instantly find workers across a variety of niches. Why trawl your phone book for local servicemen when you have so many to choose from at just the click of a button. Find your workers on the go and have them solving your service needs the very next day! You will reap the rewards as you instantaneously find highly skilled servicemen willing and ready to complete the job at hand. As a client, all your data and payment details are secured within the site and can be paid through milestone payments set up by you; which are requested for release by your service provider. Unlike similar providers, we offer you the chance to pay only if you feel satisfied with the work! The system we provide is simple. Once you’ve completed your profile, visit our jobs page to look for jobs or to hire others for your service needs. Both listing and accepting a job is totally free! Our ratings, ranking and project feedback systems are in place such that both the employer and worker are rated and ranked on their ability to prove they’re a reputable, reliable worker that will fit the bill for being a member of Fixnownow. Good feedback helps your ranking so you can win bids for more projects and boost your portfolio! Grow your business in your own time, at your own pace.

Manage Jobs From Anywhere.

Our site removes any time lost searching your phone books, directory or contacting friends of friends JUST to find the right specialist for the job. Find everybody you need all in one place on our jobs page and take the right path to a hassle free, efficient and low cost service - ALL from your phone! When you’re busy with the daily grind, you can find somebody right within just a few clicks and searches. Manage your projects from anywhere - on the go!

Pay Only For A Job Well Done

Unlike similar providers, we offer you the chance to pay only if you feel satisfied with the work! We control this through safety features and penalties - such as “Breach Functionalities” which aims to deter both service providers and clients from wasting each other's valuable time. We work with our clients to remove misconduct from our site, and create a secure environment for all users. That means our servicemen work especially hard to deliver the highest quality service you’ve found so far. With Fixnownow, there’s no slacking. Only dedicated, efficient facilities management system rewards any personal hard work.


Find Work, Get Hired

If you’re a hard grafting, expert in a particular trade, craft or service - such as graphic design - we’d love to get you on board with our new and exciting platform Fixnownow. You’ll be able to work cooperatively with clients as well as finding new ones in your area to help grow your personal business! It’s easier NOW than ever to find work!

Manage Your Work From Anywhere.

Our site is free to sign up and from there you can start your search for work. Your data stored within Fixnownow is always reliable thanks to a 128 bit security system that protects external intruders from accessing. Another great benefit of being a Professional with Fixnownow is managing your workload on the go. You can accept or decline work as and when you want, from wherever you are online. This is a great advantage over the traditional phonebook system of the new platform for servicemen not having to stop and start jobs to pick up the phone to a client.

Get Feedbacks and Ratings!

As a serviceman, good feedback is vital to helping your ranking so you can win ‘bids’ for more projects and boost your portfolio. The more directed, specific and relevant bids you place the higher you will be rated. Our ranking system encourages only the highest quality workers which means our servicemen work especially hard to deliver the highest quality service you’ve found so far.

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